Where to start when buying Escondido real estate.

Buying Escondido Real Estate

Where to Start

In todays tough Escondido real estate market you have to be ready to make an offer on Escondido homes the minute the homes hits the market.  Many Escondido homes are short sales or bank owned properties (REO’s).  This type of Escondido real estate often sells the first weekend it hits the San Diego North County mls.  You can find these homes by using Escondido homes for Sale mls search.  

Pre-Approval from a Lender

Finding Escondido homes isn’t enough.  To be ready to buy you home you must already have a pre-approval from a good lender.  Gary Harmon has chosen Home Services Lenders ( a Wells Fargo affiliate) as a member of Gary’s Winning Team.  Joyce Nathan and Gary can guide you through all the steps of getting the right loan.  If you prefer an outside lender, Gary has gotten great results with Charla Rueda of Bank of America.

Write the Best Escondido Real Estate Offer

You now must write an offer to get the best possible deal on your Escondido home purchase.  A good agent like Gary Harmon will go over some of the things you might want to consider or include in your offer or counter offer.  Some of these things may make the difference in your ability to purchase.  Call Gary today at 760-745-1220 and get started buying your Escondido dream home. 


Escondido Real Estate: Where's the market headed?

Where is the Escondido Real Estate Market Headed as of 11-20-2009?

This week the median price for an Escondido home across all four zip codes is $415,000.  The inventory of Escondido homes for sale is going up and sales of Escondido homes are slowing.   While this is some concern, it is not unsual.  We would expect the trend to be somewhat the same across San Diego County  when going into the Thanksgiving holidays.  In recent weeks prices of Escondido houses have been moving up and the avereage days on the market have gone down somewhat.  See the chart below for trends supplied by Altos Research.

Escondido Real Estate Trends as of 11-20-2009.

Escondido Real Estate Trends as of 11-20-2009.

In the Escondido homes market, it has been a buyer’s market.  The price trending upward may be the result of  an improvement of the quality of the homes now available (for example, newer or larger homes).

Another interesting way to look at Escondido real estate sales is to look at sales by quartiles, the most expensive to the least.  In the top or first quartile the median sales price was $875,000 for 3550 esf.  In the second quartile Escondido housing prices were $508,000 for 2560 esf.  In the 3rd quartile Escondido properties had a median price of $339,000 for 1820 esf and in the bottom quartile Escondido homes had a median price of just $210,000 for 1290 esf.

Welcome to my new Escondido Real Estate blog, see video!

Welcome to my Escondido Real Estate blog!  The goal of this blog is to provide you  real estate related content and videos that will help you save time and money on your next Escondido Real Estate purchase or sale.  I made this YouTube video to help get you started in the right direction and to help you search for Escondido Foreclosures or other Escondido homes for sale.

First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit, See Video!

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit has been Extended!

What are the Main Terms of the Tax Credit?

  1. Escondido real estate before May 1 and close before July 1, 2010.
  2. Escondido homes must be purchased by a First-Time Home Buyer.
  3. The maximum credit is $8,000 or 10% of the Escondido Real Estate, whichever is less. 
  4. Escondido first-time buyers who are claimed as dependents by other taxpayers or who are under age 18 are not qualified for the tax credit program.
  5. The maximum allowed Escondido home purchase price is now $800,000.
  6. Single taxpayers may now earn up to $125,000 and married taxpayers filing jointly may earn up to $225,000
The First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is for first-time buyers of Escondido real estate (either spouse if filing jointly) who have NOT owned a principle residence during the 3 year period prior to the purchase.   
Call Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor, to find out more about the first-time home buyer tax credit. 







Current Market Conditions for Escondido Real Estate

The median price of Escondido Real Estate this November is $404,500.  The average list price of Escondido homes is $592,001.  There are approximately 384 Escondido homes for sale with an average market time of 149 days.   The Escondido Real estate inventory and days on the market has remained relatively unchanged over the past month.  The profile of the median Escondido home is 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths.  Escondido homes for sale range from cottages to castles  ($115,000 to $12,000000).  As we go into Fall/Winter the Escondido real estate market is cooling somewhat.    Investors and first time home buyers continue to gobble up good listings priced under $400,000.  If you are trying to find a bargin in this challenging market please contact Gary Harmon.  Gary has been serving Escondido buyers and sellers for over 20 years.

Find Prudential Escondido Real Estate Listings Fast, See Video!

See Gary Harmon’s listings and Prudential California Realty’s listings on Listingbook.  Listingbook is a partner with the San Diego MLS.  It is the best and most up to date way to view Escondido real estate listings and other San Diego North county listings available to the public.   Start searching Gary Harmon’s Listingbook

Watch this video and learn why ListingBook is the very best way to search for Escondido Real estate.



See Gary Harmon’s Listingbook.

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Find Escondido Real Estate Fast!

Find Escondido real estate fast!  You can use the “yellow link” on the main part of this post to search for Escondido homes using  “Quick Homes.”  Quick Homes lets you search both by address or by map.  Click on the header above, “Find Escondido Real Estate Fast!” to see the rest of this post.

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