18 Questions to Ask Your Lender

When buying Escondido real estate, it is important to find the right home with Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor, but it is also important to select the correct lender. After working with many lenders over a 20 year period, Gary has selected Home Services Lending for his winning team. Whether you choose Joyce Nathan at Home Services Lending or select a lender on your own, you should the lender the following important questions.

  1. Will you provide local in person services.  Sometimes Internet lenders are hard to work with?
  2. Are you a licensed mortgage broker or mortgage banker.  Mortgage broker’s, like Joyce Nathan at Home Services Lending, usually have access to a larger variety of lenders?
  3. Once I get a loan approval, is the approval guaranteed?
  4. Do you provide a Good Faith Estimate to me and my Escondido Realtor, Gary Harmon?
  5. Will you let me know up front what fees that you expect me to pay out of pocket?
  6. How long does getting a loan from Home Services Lending take?
  7. At what point in the process can we lock the rate on my Escondido home.
  8. Is Home Services Lending available nights and weekends if I need to lock a rate or if I need to get answers to questions reguarding my loan?
  9. What kind of loan conditions are there ( gift letters, proof or funds, bank statements, etc.)?Do you have a quick automatic underwriting process for my Escondido home loan?
  10. Can Home Services Lending guide me in selecting the right loan program?
  11. When do we get the Escondido real estate I  am buying appraised?
  12. How far in advance of close of escrow on my Escondido property does the mortgage package go out?
  13. Do I have to pay mortgage insurance and what determines how much?
  14. Can you guarantee that you will meet my commitment date ?
  15. Does Home Services Lending guarantee closing dates?
  16. Do you review the final Hud-1 Settlement Statement before closing?
  17. Do you do wire fund transfers?
  18. Will you be available to answers even after closing on my Esocondido home?