How Escondido Home Buyers Search for Homes has Changed

The way buyers search for Escondido homes for sale has changed.

In the past few years, the way prospective Escondido home buyers find and purchase Escondido real

estate has changed. Forever gone are the days when Escondido buyers came to town, were attracted

to the Prudential California Realty sign and stopped into the local Prudential Realty office to see what

was available by going through the San Diego MLS book.  Also, gone is the practice of going through

the San Diego Union or North County Times newspaper ads each Sunday for the family looking to

purchase an Escondido home. Foot traffic, people seeing the Prudential yard sign, your Escondido

Realtor doing floor duty—all these things that use to produce buyer prospects for Escondido homes

for sale, are  not in the quantity they used to.

Escondido home buyers start their searches on the Internet.

Things have changed and the Escondido home buyer usually starts their Escondido real estate search

on the Internet.  Most start with a Google search.  Today’s Escondido home buyer is most likely to

simply sit down in front of a laptop, go to Google, type in “Escondido homes for sale,” Escondido real

estate,” or Escondido Realtor.  Your agents website or blog must appear on the first two pages of the

search results for the above terms that buyers are using.  If your Escondido Realtor is Gary Harmon,

his blog will be on the first two pages for all the important search terms and

your home will be found.  Increase the chances of selling your Escondido real estate, contact Gary