April Market Statistics for San Diego North County Homes

April market statistics for San Diego North County homes are supplied by Altos Research compliments of Pickford Escrow, one of Gary’s .Winning Team.  See Market Statistics Under Photo.

Nothing but Air!

Oceanside Homes:  The median list price in OCEANSIDE, CA this week is $349,000. The 663 properties have been on the market for an average of 127 days.  The market has shown some evidence of slowing recently. Both prices and inventory levels are relatively unchanged in recent weeks.  See current listings of Oceanside homes.

Carlsbad Homes:  The median list price in CARLSBAD, CA this week is $739,000. With inventory trending up but days-on-market trending down conditions do not seem to have strong up or down pull.  Inventory levels have been relatively consistent relative to sales.  Despite the fact that there is a relatively high amount of available inventory, this Buyer’s market is still seeing prices move higher. If the market cools off further, the price trend is likely to reverse.  See current listings of South Carlsbad homes.

Encinitas Homes:  The median list price in ENCINITAS, CA this week is $984,000. With inventory trending up but days-on-market trending down conditions do not seem to have strong up or down pull. The market has shown some evidence of slowing recently. Both prices and inventory levels are relatively unchanged in recent weeks.  See current listings of Encinitas homes.

Vista Homes: The median list price in VISTA, CA this week is $339,000. The 378 properties have been on the market for an average of 127 days.  Vista home sales have been exceeding new inventory for several weeks. Since this is a Buyer’s market prices are not yet moving higher as excess inventory is consumed. However, as the supply and demand trends continue, the market moves into the Seller’s zone, and we are likely to see upward pressure on pricing.  See current listings of Vista homes.

San Marcos Homes: The median list price in SAN MARCOS, CA this week is $412,500. The 334 properties have been on the market for an average of 124 days.  San Marcos home sales have been exceeding new San Marcosinventory for several weeks.  Since this is a Buyer’s market, prices are not yet moving higher as excess inventory is consumed. However, as the supply and demand trends continue we are likely to see upward pressure on pricing.

Escondido Homes: The median list price in ESCONDIDO, CA this week is $356,500. The Escondido home market has settled in at a relative stasis in inventory and sales conditions. It’s a Buyer’s market that has seen prices trend lower. Expect that consistent up trends in demand will be required before price trends change significantly.  See current listings of Southwest Escondido homes.

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San Pacifico Floorplans – Carlsbad Homes

San Pacifico Homes

San Pacifico homes are in four nieghborhoods in South Carlsbad right near the beach.  You can walk or bike to Ponto Beach in just a few minutes or enjoy a stroll along Batiquitos Lagoon.  San Pacifico homes offer some one story homes that are not available in nearby Hanover Beach Colony, Waters End, or Poinsettia Cove.  Shopping, easy freway access, the Coaster, and great schools are other things that make this the perfect beach community.  For more information see San Pacifico – Carlsbad Ocean View Homes.

Floor Plans of San Pacifico Homes 

  • 1691 esf     2 bedroom/3 bath
  • 1699 esf     2 bedroom/3 bath
  • 1868 esf     2 bedroom/3 bath or 3 bedroom/3 bath
  • 2031 esf    4  bedroom/3 bath
  • 2220 esf    4 bedroom/3  bath
  • 2547 esf    4 bedroom/3  bath
  • 2996 esf    4 bedroom/3  bath
  • 3671 esf    5 bedroom/4  bath  or 4 bedroom/4  bath


San Pacifico homes offer resort style community amenities.  These include a community pool and spa with indoor and outdoor showers, bbq’s, picnic tables, tennis courts, basketball courts, a grass volleyball court, walking trails, small parks and much more.   See more in the Youtube video below.

Other great beach communities in the area that have Carlsbad ocean view homes are Hanover Beach Colony homes and Ponsettia Cove homes.      Another top beach community nearby is Waters End homes.  To see any of these great Carlsbad homes please contact Gary Harmon, you Carlsbad Realtor.

San Pacifico – Batiquitos Lagoon

Batiquitos Lagoon is located on the coast about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego in San Diego North County. It is in the Carlsbad real estate area and just north of the city of Encinitas.  San Pacifico – Carlsbad ocean view homes border the lagoon on the North near the ocean. 

For more information information on San Pacifico homes, Carlsbad ocean view homes, Carlsbad whitewater view homes, or any other Carlsbad homes for sale, contact Gary Harmon, your Carlsbad ocean view Realtor.

On the west is the Pacific Ocean, steep hills on the south, on the eastern end, San Marcos Creek, the connection between the Lagoon and most of its drainage basin (or “watershed”) further east. 

 Carlsbad Blvd. (Old 101) crosses the westernmost end of the Lagoon at the opening (“mouth”) to the ocean. The southern bank of the lagoon is formed by a steep coastal ridge, with La Costa Avenue on a narrow track between the lagoon and the steep slopes. The northern banks rise gently from the shore and are now covered with eucalyptus trees lining a large development and golf course (Aviara). The Park Hyatt Hotel sits high on the north side providing a view of much of the lagoon. El Camino Real goes by the easternmost end of the Lagoon, between the lagoon and La Costa Resort.

It was not until the latter part of the 19th century that the area surrounding the lagoon became vital to California’s maturation.  In the 1870’s, the area was opened to homesteading, creating an influx of trade and the need for transportation.    The California southern Railroad line constructed a bridge to span the lagoon in 1881.  Thirty one years later, a second bridge was erected on Pacific Coast Highway.  Finally in 1965, a third bridge was built for Interstate 5. 

These three bridges started to cause trouble for  the lagoon by significantly decreasing the tidal flow in and out of the lagoon.  Accumulated silt began to fill up Batiquitos Lagoon, and the lagoon was expected to fill up within 50 years.  When Batiquitos Lagoon was annexed by the City of  Carlsbad a large dredging and enhancement project was begun to open the lagoon to the ocean’s tidal changes and flows, thus slow down the filling of the lagoon with silt.   The enhancement project’s goal is to restore the lagoon to it’s natural state and re-open a tidal inlet from the Pacific Ocean.  The project was completed in 1997 and there are continuous studies to determine its success.

More Photos in this Batiquitos Lagoon Slideshow.

The lagoon itself consists of 610 acres with a drainage basin of 30,000 to 55,000 acres. The watershed basin includes the Carlsbad real estate areas, San Marcos real estate areas, and Encinitas real estate areas, with its primary freshwater tributaries being San Marcos Creek from the east and Encinitas Creek which flows north along Green Valley, entering the lagoon under El Camino Real and La Costa Avenue, respectively.  San Marcos Creek is the same creek that feeds Lake San Marcos.

The lagoon can be seen and experienced from a nature trail (link to trail map with access and parking locations) on the north side.  The public walking and hiking trail is about 2 miles long. It starts just east of Interstate 5 at the end of Gabbiano Lane and goes most of the way to El Camino Real on the east end of the lagoon. There are five public parking lots providing access to the trail, one by the Nature Center and four on Batiquitos Drive.  Horses and bicycles are not allowed.  Take the Poinsettia Lane exit from I-5 and head east.  See the map for trail access locations.

To get more information there is a nature center at  7380 Gabbiano Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

For more information information on San Pacifico homes, Carlsbad ocean view homes, Carlsbad whitewater view homes, or any other Carlsbad homes for sale, contact Gary Harmon, your Carlsbad ocean view Realtor.

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The Coaster – San Diego North County to Downtown

Information compliments of Gary Harmon, your top San Diego North County real estate agent. For more Carlsbad homes info, contact Gary Harmon, your Carlsbad Realtor.

The Coaster, is a commuter rail service that operates from San Diego North County real estate agea to Downtown San Diego  ( See Coaster Schedule).   The service is operated by TransitAmerica on contract with North County Transit District (NCTD). The service has eight stops serving  San Diego, Solana Beach homes, Encinitas homes, Carlsbad homes, and Oceanside homes . Service operates primarily during weekday peak periods, but limited weekday midday, Friday evening, and Saturday service also exist. Special evening service is provided when the San Diego Padres play Monday-Thursday evening home games.

Coaster service began February 27, 1995. Money for right-of-way acquisition and construction costs came from TransNet, a 1987 measure that imposed a 0.5% sales tax on San Diego County residents for transportation projects. NCTD originally contracted Amtrak to provide personnel for Coaster trains. On July 1, 2006, TransitAmerica took over the day-to-day operation of the commuter train, based on a five-year, USD 45 million contract with SDNR.

The Coaster carried 700,000 passengers during its first year of operation. By 2004, it was carrying 1.4 million passengers annually. Approximately 40% of weekday commuters detrain at Sorrento Valley.  NCTD owns 62 mi of mainline track, as well as the 22 mi (35 km) Escondido Branch that is served by the Escondido Sprinter to  Oceanside, which began service in March 2008.

In 2008, the  North County Transit District started light rail service from the Escondido real estate area to the Oceanside transit terminal.   First, let me say the trains themselves are beautiful and truly state of the art. They are sleek, quiet and efficient. The engines are diesel multiple units and they run on 22 miles of track from the Escondido homes area to Oceanside along the Highway 78 corridor. There are 15 stations along the way. However, the name Sprinter should probably have been “Snail” because that is about how fast they go. If you really want to go all the way to the coast quickly, there are a way too many stops. Best thing to do is to take something to read or work on along as you travel. Enjoy NCTD Sprinter Video.

The Coaster and The Sprinter Inprove the San Diego North County Real Estate Area

By helping get cars off the road
By providing freedom for seniors, students and workers.
By offering reliable, affordable, and stress free transportation from San Diego to Los Angeles (Not affordable for taxpayers)

Service Features of the The Coaster and Sprinter

A sleek, quiet, and efficient transportation system
Safe, state of the art rail vehicles
Seven days a week passenger service

The Coaster and Sprinter Help Create a More Livable San Diego North County Real Estate Area

Offers an easy way for employees and consumers to travel from their San Diego North County homes to the San Diego

Provides a way to live in San Diego North County homes and easily commute downtown.

For more  San Diego North County homes info, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor.

Waters End – Carlsbad Homes for Sale

There are many great areas of Carlsbad Homes for Sale, but if you want to live near the ocean,  Waters End is a favorite.  Waters End is just off Interstate 5, along Avenida Encinas,  just North of Poinsettia.  If you are a commuter, Waters End Carlsbad is located very near The Coaster train Poinsettia Station.

Waters End Community

When the growth moratorium was lifted by the City of Carlsbad in the late 1980s developers looked to South Carlsbad as an unpolished coastal jewel.  Nestled between the Batiquitos Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, costal South Carlsbad offered newer, upscale evelopments in a convenient beach-close arrangement like the master-planned community of Waters End.

Waters End is a gated community with two main gates.  The areas around the entrance are landscaped with lush tropical landscaping.  The community has a larged fenced swimming pool and spa.  Just to the west of the pool is a large grass play area complete with basketball court, tennis court, tot play lot with slide, and picnic tables.  Since Waters End is gated, you will need a top CarlsbadRealtor to show you around.  I would be happy to meet you anytime.  My Prudential California Realty Carlsbad office is just blocks away.

Other nearby sea side communities are Hanover Beach Colony and Poinsettia Cove which offer several selections of beach residences that get you as close as you can to the sand in South Carlsbad.

General Carlsbad Information

Carlsbad is a picturesque beach side community about 34 miles north of San Diego and just north of Encinitas.  Its downtown runs along the ocean and is just north of the popular Carlsbad State Beach, perfect  for Carlsbad ocean view homes. The Carlsbad homes area is surrounded by rolling hills, lagoons such as Agua Hedionda and Batiquitos lagoons, and the Pacific Ocean on the west.  It is the home of major tourist attractions such as Legoland and the Flower Fields and other Carlsbad things to do.  There is a wide selection of Carlsbad real estate including condos and multi-million dollar ocean view estates like my favorite Carlsbad Ocean View home.

To get more home info or to see Waters End, other Carlsbad homes for sale, or Carlsbad ocean view homes, contact Gary Harmon, your top Carlsbad Realtor.

Carlsbad Waters End is also conviently located right next to the Poinsettia Coaster station.  Great for a easy trip to San Diego or L.A.  Enjoy the Coaster video below.

[idx-listings tract=”Waters End” propertytypes=”335″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”20″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

Carlsbad Whitewater View Homes

San Diego Ocean View Homes

Carlsbad Ocean View Homes    –    Encinitas Ocean View Homes    –     Oceanside Ocean view Homes

Enjoy the short video below.

North County Ocean View Homes

Click on the links above to see Carlsbad ocean view homes, Encinitas ocean view homes, and Oceanside ocean view homes.   These are current listings of San Diego North County homes and include some whitewater view homes, ocean front homes, ocean  view estates, beach front homes, etc.  See individual listings for home info, details, and photos.  Contact Gary Harmon, your Ocean View Realtor to set up an appointment to see these great properties.

California Ocean View Homes

If you are not interested in San Diego ocean view estates, I can also help.  Our rich California coastline is home to many luxury ocean view estates.  Although I specialize in providing home info for San Diego Ocean view homes, I can refer you to some of the top Realtors along the entire Pacific Coast.  Some of the great areas you may be considering  are Orange County ocean view homes including San Clemente oceanfront homes, San Juan Capistrano properties, Laguna Beach homes, and Newport Beach ocean view estates.  In LA County there are Pacific Palisades homes and Santa Monica ocean view or whitewater view estates.  And one of California’s most special areas to the North end of the State, Santa Barbara ocean view luxury homes.

Carlsbad Ocean View Homes Video

Location:  Right above Carlsbad Tidepools

It is a beautiful sunny day in Carlsbad, California ( Martin Luther King Day) and I am taking a quick lunch break at the beach.  Had the camera so I thought I would make a quick video of the Carlsbad ocean view homes right above the tidepools.    The location is where Cerezo intersects Carlsbad Boulevard.

For more information about Carlsbad Ocean View Homes, contact Gary Harmon, your Prudential California Realtor.

Gary also specializes in Encinitas Ocean View H0mes and Oceanside Ocean View Homes.

Carlsbad Schools – Carlsbad Educational Foundation

Where Kids Are Worth a Million

This week in our Prudential California Realty office meeting, we had a spokesman from the Carlsbad Educational Foundation.  I was very impressed at the work they do in our community and wanted to share it with you. 

Since 1983, the Carlsbad Educational Foundation has been working hard as an independent non-profit organization with one mission-to raise private support for public school programs in the Carlsbad Unified School District.  In the upcoming school year, the Carlsbad Educational Foundation will be funding nearly half a million dollars towards student programs through the generous support of corporations, foundation grants, special events, and individuals like you!


Every dollar you give to the Carlsbad Educational Foundation goes to support local students! Our Kids’ Care and Enrichment Programs generate the revenue to cover our operating expenses so every donation can impact local students.

In addition to funding great programs across the school district, the Foundation operates the Kids’ Care childcare program at each elementary school. This high-quality, onsite, licensed childcare program ensures that working parents have a safe and affordable learning environment for their children throughout the year from 7 am to 6:25 pm.

The Carlsbad Educational Foundation also operates an annual Summer Enrichment Program each June and July—offering more than two dozen half-day enrichment programs designed specifically to inspire and teach students ages 5 to 14 in the areas of science, music, technology, and the arts.


•Make a donation to our Annual Fund Drive in October
•Volunteer to be part of one of our programs or help with one of our special events
•Help spread the word about the Foundation and our efforts to support educational excellence in our schools.
•For more information about the Carlsbad Educational Foundation or to support Carlsbad schools, please visit www.CarlsbadEd.org or call us at (760) 929-1555.

Next great fundraising day is “Celebrate Carlsbad Day” at Legoland on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

My website and blog provides you info about Carlsbad School locations, Carlsbad homes for sale, Carlsbad real estateCarlsbad homes and Carlsbad ocean view homes.  To talk with Gary, contact Gary Harmon at 760-745-1220 or garyharmon@prusd.com.

Hanover Beach Colony Floor Plans – Carlsbad Ocean View Homes

Hanover Beach Colony homes are located in the beach community of Carlsbad.  See current listings of Hanover Beach Colony homes.  Below are the 5 Hanover Beach Colony Floor Plans. 

Harbor Beach Colony Floor Plan 1

Harbor Beach Colony Floor Plan 2

Harbor Beach Colony Floor Plan 3

Harbor Beach Colony Floor Plan 4

Harbor Beach Colony Floor Plan 5

The Carlsbad community is just north of Encinitas and south of Oceanside.  This Pacific costal area covers about 43 square miles and offers 6.5 miles of beautiful wide sandy beaches, great surfing, and miles of rolling hills, canyons, and lush valleys. Carlsbad has high property values, above average median family incomes, and high education levels.  Carlsbad zip code 92011 boast some great Carlsbad ocean view homes, Carlsbad oceanfront homes, Carlsbad ocean view condos, and Carlsbad whitewater view homes.

For more information information on Carlsbad ocean view homes, Carlsbad whitewater view homes, or Carlsbad oceanfront properties, contact Gary Harmon, your Carlsbad ocean view Realtor.

The listings on this website do not include Carlsbad ocean view homes for rent or Carlsbad ocean view vacation homes for rent or lease.

Interested in all of Carlsbad Real Estate for sale?  For a complete list of Carlsbad homes for sale please visit my main Carlsbad homes pages and click on the yellow like at the top of the page for all current listings.

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