Cracked Slab – Escondido Dream Home

I just answered a buyers question on and I though my answer might benefit some of my Escondido buyers.  Question:   We found our dream home and it’s going to auction in a few weeks after not selling as a short sale. Perfect area, etc .. but has a cracked slab.  Could we get an FHA loan for it “As is” ?  We have a very tight budget so big money for additional contrctor’s inspection isn’t an option.  Loosing sleep over this. Any suggestions ?

My answer is as follows:  You have some very good advice from fellow agents, but my advice is to RUN AWAY from that house. There are many good Escondido homes on the market and myself or any other fine Escondido Realtor would be glad to help you find one. Auctions are a hard way to buy and no-one has your six.  Also, you will need to sell your Escondido home someday and would have to disclose to a potential buyer that your home had a cracked slab. Even if it is fixed and is perfect, future Escondido home buyers will have doubts and skip it in favor of a home with no preceived problems. We all have enough problems, leave this one for someone else.

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