Paddle Boarding at Lake San Marcos

Paddle boarding is now allowed on Lake San Marcos.

Paddle boarding is now allowed at Lake San Marcos.


Pino Vitti, owner of CDC, now the Lodge at Lake San Marcos, announced last week at a community meeting that paddle boarding was now allowed in Lake San Marcos.  In fact, it is being encouraged.  Resident and members of Lake San Marcos may register their paddle boards at the office at 1105 Bonita Drive, right next to the Pavilion.  There is no cost to get a sticker for your boat.

The Lakehouse Hotel and Resort will rent paddle boats to guest for $15 an hour.  Many folks are starting to take advantage.

Lake security will check to make sure all paddle boards have the proper stickers.

The Lodge at Lake San Marcos

The CDC is currently undergoing a name change.  This week they were approved to do business as “The Lodge at Lake San Marcos.”   The name really makes “no sense” to me.  Seems like there will be a lot of confusion with The Lakehouse at Lake San Marcos and The Lodge at Lake San Marcos.   Also, I thought a “lodge” is somewhere you go to stay and spend the night.  No, in Lake San Marcos it is the Lakehouse.  See what I mean, confusing?

New docks by The Lodge at Lake San Marcos

Photo by Gary Harmon

Regardless of the new name, the CDC has done some good things for the Lake San Marcos and its residents.  Many more are planned for the future.

  • Kayak storage – In June, the Lodge opened kayak storage and was immediately filled to near capacity.  They then began work on an outdoor kayak storage facility.  You can call and make reservations at 760-500-5012.
  • Pools – They have refreshed both pools and hire a professional pool service to make sure everyone has a good recreational experience.
  • Rules and Regulations – Drafts were sent out for people to review and make comments.  I did.
  • Security – Electronic proximity  card locks on all of the gates leading onto the property at the Lodge.  Also, on the gates leading to the pool.  Locks are scheduled to be activated in August.  All of us lake (The Lodge at Lake San Marcos) members will have a new ID Card.

Looking forward to all the new improvements to the community at Lake San Marcos.  And the best news is that all of these changes are helping improve the values of our Lake San Marcos homes.  For more information about Lake San Marcos real estate, contact Gary Harmon.


Home Loan Basics

It is always best to have your home loan prequalification in place before you start searching for your Ocean Hills Country Club home. If you do not have a lender, Gary Harmon will be happy to give you several choices.
When Gary Harmon, your Seniors Real Estate Specialist, writes a purchase offer for you, he will have to submit your pre-qual letter along with the offer to the listing agent.

Ocean Hills Country Club pool.

When you contact your lender or lender Gary has referred, they will:

  • Give you a quick summary of the loan process over the telephone.
  • Schedule an appointment to complete the pre-qual form and discuss different financing options.
  • Your lender will need such things as w-2’s, paystubs, bank statements, tax returns and other supporting documentation.
  • Your mortgage advisor will review your application and discuss with his lending team.
  • The lender will contact you with the best programs that will meet your needs and objectives.
  • Your lender will then provide you with a pre qualification or pre approval letter.

Your Ocean Hills Country Club Realtor, Gary Harmon, will show you homes in your price range based on your pre-qualification.  When you select a home you like, Gary will prepare and offer and submit it to the listing agent along with your pre-qual and proof of funds for the down payment.

For more information on the loan buying process or to see homes in Ocean Hills Country Club, contact Gary Harmon.