North County Market Statistics for March 2013

The March 2013  HomeDex™ Report provides February 2013 San Diego housing statistics. Information in this report is used by permission from the North San Diego County Association of Realtors® (NSDCAR). Gary Harmon, your Real Living Lifestyles Realtor, has been a member of NSDCAR for over 22 years.

• The median price for all North County home sales – attached and  detached – decreased to $405,000 in February 2013 compared to $410,000 in January 2013. • Detached homes in North County increased 1.61 percent in February 2013 to $472,500 compared to $465,000 in January 2013. • The countywide median SFD price increased 4.17 percent to $375,000 in February 2013 compared to $360,000 in January 2013. • The number of North San Diego SFD listings (active and contingent) increased 6.72 percent in February 2013 compared to January 2013. • The number of sold North San Diego County SFD units decreased 7.49 percent in February 2013 compared to January 2013. Year-over sold SFD units decreased 5.79 percent compared to February 2012. • Median days-on-market for single-family detached homes sold in North County increased to 38 days in February 2013 compared to 36 days in January 2013. • The HomeDex affordability percentage for all homes in North San Diego County fell slightly to 43 percent in February 2013, compared to 44 percent in January 2013.


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Home Ownership After Retirement

North County Home Ownership After Retirement

Owning San Diego North County home that meets your retirement needs is an important consideration in securing your lifestyle and security during your golden years.  Developing a sustainable plan that covers your living expenses, including mortgage payments, with spending and savings is a critical part of your retirement planning.  Balancing the security of your North County home’s equity with cash flow needs should be part of your plans.   Most retirees contemplate how active their income will allow them to be, while maintaining savings to support a long life and unexpected events.  Remaining in your home provides equity, safety and security.  Financial advisors recommend reducing living expenses by downsizing; some opt for second homes in senior living communities; others choose the security of assisted living arrangements.

Gary Harmon, your Real Living Lifestyles Realtor, and Craig Laursen, mortgage lender are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to helping North County over 55 home buyers and sellers make wise decisions affecting their retirement years.  We work with estate planners, financial advisors and counselors to support you.  We are excellent real estate negotiators and we know San Diego.  We’ll work to qualify you for mortgages that utilize retirement income; for homes located in age restricted communities and other considerations that affect real estate transactions for retirement age buyers.

Our goal is to be part of your retirement team to help you execute your retirement plans that involve home ownership and mortgage decisions.

To get more real estate information reguarding buying a San Diego North County home or to get lending information, contact Gary Harmon.

My appreciation goes out to Craig Larsen, a North County mortgage loan originator, for providing this article.

Spring Forward

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