Reasons to Buy a San Diego North County Home NOW

If you have been on the fence waiting for the best time to buy a San Diego North County home, NOW is the time.  See 5 reason below photo.

Housing Affordability Still at Record High Levels

Each month the National Association of Realtors issues its “Housing Affordability Index,” which measures the ability of the average family, in a particular geographical area, to afford the average priced home for that area.
In September 2010 the national affordability index was 179.1. This means that if a family with the median income of $61,395 wanted to purchase a median-priced existing single-family home at $172,600 (with a 20% down payment of $34,520), they would have 179.1% of the qualifying income needed to purchase that home.  Of course in California, the index was lower.  For San Diego North County homes ist was about 140.  This is still great and considerably above the 2009 level.

Interest Rates Are at Historic Lows

In the 1990s rates were higher than 8 percent. This look back through time makes it easy to see that today’s mortgage rates are relatively low.  Take the first step toward a San Diego North County home purchase and
contact me.  I will put you in touch with a great HomeServices Lender.   They will do a PriorityBuyer® preapproval to see how much you qualify for at today’s interest rates.

Tax Advantages of Homeownership

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, up-sizing, or down-sizing, most North County homeowners qualify for tax breaks annually.

  • Interest paid on a home mortgage is almost always tax
    deductible (up to the value of the primary residence)
  • Property taxes are typically deductible for most San Diego North County homeowners

Plus, for most San Diego homeowners, there are no capital gains taxes when a primary residence is sold.

Inventory of foreclosure and short sale properties

Also called real-estate owned or REO, lender-mediated, lenderowned, or non-traditional, these properties may appeal to bargain hunters looking for that hidden gem.

Inventory of homes overall is at an 10.5-month supply nationally. 

It is a buyer’s market!  More sellers than buyers in the marketplace can mean more choices and more bargaining power for buyers.  (Information above courtesy of HomeServices Lending, a Wells Fargo Affiliated Lender.)

To get a personal tour of San Diego North County homes, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor.

How Long Does a Foreclosure Affect Your Credit?

I am constantly asked  how long does a foreclosure affect your credit.   What can I do to get my credit back and buy a San Diego North County home?  The article below deals with foreclosures and a “notice of foreclosure.”

Having a foreclosure is not the death knell to your credit score, but it does make a big hit.  How long you have to wait to buy that San Diego North County home depends on the reason for the foreclosure and other circumstances. The general rule is that a foreclosure stays on your credit report for seven years.   A foreclosure is considered a major derogatory item.  Your credit score will start to suffer as soon as a “notice of foreclosure” is filed on your property.  The damage a foreclosure makes can vary, but it can be as much as 200 points.

Rebuilding After a Foreclosure

After your foreclosure, your priority has to be rebuilding your credit.  You have some time because Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have strict rules on how long it will take before you are eligible for another North County home loan.  For example, at Fannie Mae, if you have a foreclosure with extenuating circumstances, such as a job loss, medical issues, or a divorce, you must wait about three years.   Same is true at Freddie Mac.  If you do not have extenuating circumstances, Freddie Mac, says the wait is five years.  If your home foreclosure was caused solely from your own financial mismanagement, you must wait seven years before you can buy that North County home.

Tips on Improving the Odds

If  you have been through a foreclosure there are things you can do to make lenders want to take a chance on you again:

  • Save money for your downpayment. 
  • Clean up your credit score by paying off or paying down your debts.
  • Establish a record on “on time payments”
  • Get your credit score as high as possible
  • Show stability in you job
  • Monitor your credit report.  Make sure paid off lines of credit and loans show closed.
  • Talk to a good lender

At Prudential California Realty, I work with some of the best lenders in the business.  My partner at HomeServices Lending, Curtis Fox, would be glad to take a free look at your credit and see what we could do to get  you into your next San Diego North County home sooner.  Contact Gary Harmon, your North County real estate expert.

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3518 Turquoise Lane – Emerald Lake Village Home

This special Emerald Lake Village home sits on the greenbelt above the pool, fountain, and club house area. This is the best location in Emerald Lake Village.   See virtual tour below of 3518 Turquoise Lane.

This home is available through Gary Harmon, Prudential California Realty, for $310,000.  This home is very open with vaulted ceilings, spacious living room, and large kitchen. There is a nice guest bedroom with its own bathe, and a large master suite with walk-in closet. There is a  two car attached garage. Between the garage and the kitchen is a covered, private patio.  This is the largest floor plan available in Emerald Lake Village and seldom comes on the market. Emerald Lake Village is a over 55, senior, gated community in Oceanside, CA . Emerald Lake Village is a gated, over 55 (55+) senior, retirement, community located in Oceanside, California. Emerald Lake homes are 161 manufactured homes, constructed in the factory, and assembled on site, and attached to a permanent foundation. The Emerald Lake Village homes are attractive, Cape Cod in style, 2 bedroom/2 bath homes with attached 2 car garages. There are seven floor plans ranging in size from approximately 1175 esf to 1750 esf. Most homes have vaulted ceilings, indoor laundry facilities, and one or more patios. Everything possible has been done to make these detached modular homes not feel like manufactured homes, and they don’t. The community of Emerald Lake Village is a pristine, gated, village of quiet homes with well maintained grounds. Amenities include a 3500 esf community center which is the favorite meeting place for social activity in Emerald Lake Village. The Village clubhouse includes a large meeting room with a full kitchen. That room can be reserved by residents for large parties. Next there is a multi-purpose meeting room that serves as the ideal place for residents to meet with their favorite clubs or host parties, dances and meetings. Finally, there is a beautiful swimming pool, a spa/hot tub, and BBQ grills. Behind the clubhouse is the greenbelt. There are also many walking trails and a place to store you RV. Emerald Lake RV parking is $25 a month when available.  See a YouTube virtual tour of the Emerald Lake Village Community.

One of be best ways to serch for Oceanside homes for sale is to use Gary’s Listingbook. You can learn to “Search like an agent.” Set up your own searches and be notified when new listings hit the San Diego North County real estate market. View the Gary Harmon Listingbook instructonal video and click on the Listingbook logo to set up you personalized account today.  Find out more about Emerald Lake Village, a San Diego retirement paradise.  See other North County homes for over 55.

For a personal tour of Emerald Lake Village and 3518 Turquoise Lane, contact Gary Harmon, your Senior Realtor.  See map for location.

San Diego County Market Forecast 2011

What will the San Diego North County homes market be like in 2011? Will it advance on positive economic news or will it retreat due to continued high unemployment?  One thing is certain – the San Diego North County housing in 2011 will be a unique market, the first to recover from a recession without a significant growth in jobs or incomes.

Current trends show that the return to a more active sales environment will be gradual, and that adjustments must be made before any real growth can be experienced. We believe that the existing San Diego County home sales market will stabilize throughout 2011.

Affordability in San Diego North County homes is at record highs. The economy is expanding. More jobs are being created. Hard-won federal tax incentives could spur companies to hire even more workers. Yet, San Diego County home buyers are waiting for more clarity, which suggests that buying at the bottom is not as important as buying with confidence in the future.

The California Association of REALTORS says one-third of California cities are reporting an increase in the median home price over last year, suggesting that the bottom has passed, regardless of how slow the housing recovery.

Advice for San Diego Buyers

 The wild card for buyers is pent-up demand. Signs that job security is improving, that home prices have bottomed, or that mortgage interest rates will go higher could move San Diego buyers off the sidelines and into the market in a rush. Market conditions will continue to be favorable to buyers, but mortgage interest rates are unlikely to return to October lows. Be satisfied with the excellent affordability available now.

Advice for San Diego County Sellers

Don’t try to anticipate the market, one direction or the other.  Price your San Diego home for today’s conditions so you have a better chance of attracting the right buyer. As long as inventory levels remain high and you have competition from distressed North County homes, pricing your home attractively and putting it in white-glove, move-in condition are more crucial than ever to selling it quickly. Keep in mind that the losses and gains are relative. You may not net as much as you would like from the sale of your San Diego North County home, but being able to buy your next home at a discount and with better financing rates will make up the difference.

Your San Diego North County Realtor

To find out how to take advantage of this San Diego North County real estate market, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor.

Tip on Moving with Pets

Easing your pet’s transition to your San Diego North County home.

Moving to a new San Diego North County home can be stressful on your pets, but there are many things you can do to make the process as painless as possible.  See 10 great tips on moving with pets to your new SanDiego North County home under photo.
  • Update your pet’s tag. Make sure your pet is wearing a sturdy collar with an identification tag that is labeled with your current contact information. The tag should include your San Diego North County home location, telephone number, and cell phone number so that you can be reached immediately during the move.
  • Ask for veterinary records. If you’re moving far enough away that you’ll need a new vet, you should ask for a current copy of your pet’s vaccinations. You also can ask for your pet’s medical history to give to your new vet, although that can normally be faxed directly to the new medical-care provider upon request. Depending on your destination, your pet may need additional vaccinations, medications, and health certificates. Have your current vet’s phone number handy in case of an emergency, or in case your new vet would like more information about your pet.
  • Keep medications and food on hand. Keep at least one week’s worth of food and medication with you in case of an emergency. Vets can’t write a prescription without a prior doctor/patient relationship, which can cause delays if you need medication right away. You may want to ask for an extra prescription refill before you move. The same preparation should be taken with special therapeutic foods — purchase an extra supply in case you can’t find the food right away in your new area.
  • Seclude your pet from chaos. Pets can feel vulnerable on moving day. Keep them in a safe, quiet, well-ventilated place, such as the bathroom, on moving day with a “Do Not Disturb!  Pets Inside!” sign posted on the door. There are many light, collapsible travel crates on the market if you choose to buy one. However, make sure your pet is familiar with the new crate before moving day by gradually introducing him or her to the crate before your trip. Be sure
    the crate is well-ventilated and sturdy enough for stress-chewers; otherwise, a nervous pet could escape.
  • Prepare a first aid kit. First aid is not a substitute for emergency veterinary care, but being prepared and knowing basic first aid could save your pet’s life. A few recommended supplies: Your veterinarian’s phone number, gauze to wrap wounds or to muzzle your pet, adhesive tape for bandages, non-stick bandages, towels, and hydrogen peroxide (3 percent). You can use a door, board, blanket or floor mat as an emergency stretcher and a soft cloth, rope,
    necktie, leash, or nylon stocking for an emergency muzzle.
  • Play it safe in the car. It’s best to travel with your dog in a crate; second-best is to use a restraining harness. When it comes to cats, it’s always best for their safety and yours to use a well-ventilated carrier in the car. Secure the crate or carrier with a seat belt and provide your pet with familiar toys. Never keep your pet in the open bed of a truck or the storage area of a moving van. In any season, a pet left alone in a parked vehicle is vulnerable to injury and
    theft. If you’ll be using overnight lodging, plan ahead by searching for pet-friendly hotels. Have plenty of kitty litter and plastic bags on hand, and keep your pet on its regular diet and eating schedule.
  • Get ready for takeoff. When traveling by air,check with the airline about any pet requirements or restrictions to be sure you’ve prepared your pet for a safe trip. Some airlines will allow pets in the cabin, depending on the animal’s size, but you’ll need to purchase a special airline crate that fits under the seat in front of you. Give yourself plenty of time to work out any arrangements necessary including consulting with your veterinarian and the U.S.  Department of Agriculture. If traveling is stressful for your pet, consult your veterinarian about ways that might lessen the stress of travel.
  • Find a new veterinary clinic and emergency hospital.  Before you move, ask your vet to recommend a doctor in your new locale. Talk to other pet owners when visiting the new community, and call the state veterinary medical association (VMA) for veterinarians in your location. When choosing a new veterinary hospital, ask for an impromptu tour; kennels should be kept clean at all times, not just when a client’s expected. You may also want to schedule an appointment to meet the vets. Now ask yourself: Are the receptionists, doctors, technicians, and assistants friendly, professional and knowledgeable? Are the office hours and location convenient? Does the clinic offer emergency or specialty services or boarding? If the hospital doesn’t meet your criteria, keep looking until you’re assured that your pet will receive the best possible care.
  • Prep your new San Diego North County home for pets. Pets may be frightened and confused in new surroundings. Upon your arrival at your new San Diego North County home, immediately set out all the familiar and necessary things your pet will need: food, water, medications, bed, litter box, toys, etc. Pack these items in a handy spot so they can be unpacked right away. Keep all external windows and doors closed when your pet is unsupervised, and be cautious of narrow gaps behind or between appliances where nervous pets may try to hide.  If your old San Diego North County home is nearby, your pet may try to find a way back there. To be safe, give the new San Diego North County home owners or your former neighbors your phone number and a photo of your pet, and ask them to contact you if your pet is found nearby.
  • Learn more about your new area. Once you find a new veterinarian, ask if there are any local health concerns such as heart worm or Lyme disease, or any vaccinations or medications your pet may require. Also, be aware of any unique laws. For example, there are restrictive breed laws in some cities. San Diego North County homeowner associations also may have restrictions — perhaps requiring that all dogs are kept on leashes. If you will be moving to a new country, carry an updated rabies vaccination and health certificate. It is very important to contact the Agriculture Department or embassy of the country or state to which you’re traveling to obtain specific information on special documents, quarantine, or costs to bring the animal into the country.
If your are considering buying or selling, contact Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor.

San Diego North County Homes Statistics – January 2011

The February 2011 HomeDex™ report provides January 2011 housing statistics for San Diego North County homes.

  1. The median price for all San Diego North County homes decreased in January 2011 to $360,000.
  2. The median priced single-family detached North County home rose 1.74 percent from $438,357 in December 2010 to $446,000 in January 2011.
  3. Year-over median single-family detached San Diego North County homes increased 6.19 percent from $420,000 in January 2010, making 18 months of year-over increases in median price (with the exception of August 2010).
  4. While the number of single-family detached North County homes sold fell 32.87 percent from December 2010 to January 2011, the number of SFD listings (active and contingent) increased 8.08 percent from 3,962 ending December 2010 to 4,282 ending January 2011, following four months of declines.
  5. Listings were up 20.69 percent year-over from January 2011.
  6. Median days on market for single-family detached North County homes remained at 68 days in January 2011.

If you would like to take advantage of todays low prices in the San Diego North County real estate market, contact Gary Harmon, a Hadley Home Team Realtor.

Ocean Hills Best Golf Course View

Ocean Hills best golf course view home is 5010 Corinthia Way, Oceanside, CA 92056. Panoramic 180 degrees. Popular Costa Smeralda model. Recently remodeled. Ray Barber gourmet kitchen featuring rich wood cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Custom stone fireplace with granite hearth. Newer paint and carpeting. New windows and doors. No expense spared on this remodel. Upstairs loft makes great home office. Morning breakfast room with view of the courtyard. New vinyl fencing and roll up garage door.

5010 Corinthia Way, Oceanside, CA 92056

View all photos of this Ocean Hill home. 

Get a private tour of this Ocean Hills Home  listing, contact Gary Harmon, your Ocean Hills Realtor.

Ocean Hills homes offers the best in over 55 real estate at the upscale, affordable, retirement living community. Ocean Hills Country Club  is like living at a vacation resort. This exclusive guarded and gated community sits high on a hill 30 miles from downtown San Diego. It is inland about 5 miles from the coast with some Ocean Hills homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Other Ocean Hills homes, like this one, are located on their beautiful 18 hole executive golf course. There are greenbelts throughout the Ocean Hills real estate area to give the feel of separation and space. There are no green fees since these are included as part of the association fees. Ocean Hills Country Club homes enjoy the great year round San Diego mild weather. Health Care: There are good health facilities near Ocean Hills. Tri-City Medical Center is a designated cardiac and stroke treatment facility. Shopping: There is also an abundance of shopping available near Ocean Hills homes. Besides the many fine neghiborhood shopping centers, there is Carlsbad Regional Mall. Just to the south, also in Carlsbad is the Carlsbad Outlet Center featurning high end fashion at discount prices. Architecture: The architecture found in Ocean Hills Leisure Village and the street names are inspired by Mediterranean Sea Villages and Aegean hill towns, with red tiled roofs and bougainvillea-covered white stucco walls. There are 1633 of these 55+ North County senior homes in the Ocean Hills. Association and Management Company: The association maintains all Ocean Hills homes exteriors. It also maintains the front yards from your front gate to the street. Ocean Hills Country Club is managed by Professional Community Management (PCM). This Ocean Hills retirement community has won over 10 major national and regional awards including the Gold Nugget Grand Award for Best Retirement Senior Community.

Details for 5010 Corinthia Way, Oceanside, CA 92056

Built in 1987
Age Restrictions: 55 and Up
View: Panoramic,Golf Course
Topography: Level
Additional Land Use:
Boat Facility:
Mello Roos: $0/Not Known
HOA: $419/Monthly
Amenities: Clubhouse/Rec Room,Exercise Room,Gated Community,Golf,On-Site Guard,Pool,Recreation Area,RV/Boat Parking,Spa/Hot Tub,Tennis Courts
Pets: Yes
Parking: 2 car garage
Lot Size: 4,000-7,499 SF
Master BR: 18×15
Bedroom 2: 15×13
Fireplace: FP in Living Room
Pool: Community/Common
Patio:  Front and rear with brick and concrete
Spa: Community/Common
Laundry: Laundry Room
Cooling: Central Forced Air
Heating: Forced Air Unit
Irrigation: Underground
Floors: carpet and tile
Fence: Full
Roof: Tile/Clay
Sewer: Sewer Connected

One of be best ways to serch for Ocean Hills Country Club Homes is to use Gary’s Listingbook. You can learn to “Search like an agent.” Set up your own searches and be notified when new listings hit the San Diego North County real estate market. View the Gary Harmon Listingbook instructonal video and click on the Listingbook logo to set up you personalized account today.  Above Oceanside listing of the day was provided by listing agent Gary Harmon – DRE #01007062.
Information courtesy of Prudential California Realty is subject to verification and is not guaranteed.  5010 Corinthia Way, Oceanside, CA 92056.

Carlsbad Homes – Purchase Reverse Mortage

Maybe you have retired and no longer have an income.  Maybe have lost your job.  Perhaps your credit score is a little too low for a regular loan.  A purchase reverse mortage could be a way for you to get a loan to buy that Carlsbad home.   Below are some of the benefits of a purchase reverse moretgage.

FHA Purchase Reverse Mortgage Benefits 

     -No income required                    
     -No minimum credit score
     -No Income to Debt ratio             
     -Down payment can be a Gift
     -No Mortgage payment for life       
     -No minimum or maximum sales price
     -Can own other properties 

You need to be 62 years old to qualify for a purchase reverse mortgage.  A Reverse Mortgage will cover as much as 77% of the price of the home!  A Purchase Reverse Mortgage can eliminate the need for a Carlsbad homebuyer to make a house payment. All that is needed is the down payment and closing costs the Reverse Mortgage will cover the remaining balance!

The age of the youngest buyer and the value of the Carlsbad home are what determine how much money is needed to close.

Use the table below to see what you could expect with an appraised home value of $309,000.   Contact Gary Harmon, your San Diego North County Senior Realtor, for different purchase (appraised) values up to $625,000. have included the Down Payment and estimated closing costs.

purchase reverse mortgage

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Now is the Time to Buy Ocean Hills Real Estate

Purchase Your San Diego Home with a Reverse Mortgage

Home Services Lending, one of Gary Harmon’s Winning Team, can customize a reverse mortgage to fit your situation.  Contact Gary Harmon, Prudential California Realty, for your best move ever!

Are San Diego North County Home Prices Going Down?

In California, the median price paid for a home in December 2010 was $254,000, down 0.4% from Nov, and down 3.8% from $264,000 in December 2009. The year-over-year decrease was the third in a row after eleven months of increases.  In San Diego County the median price was $335,000 in 2010 and $330,000 in 2009.  Results by cities vary greatly.

San Diego  County Home Sale Price Medians by City

San Diego Home Sales Recorded in December 2010
Reporting resale single family residences and condos as well as new homes 
% Change is from the same month last year

Data by DataQuick

To buy or sell San Diego North County homes, contact Gary Harmon, your San Diego North County real estate specialist.

Carlsbad Homes Online Seller Advantage

For the best in Carlsbad real estate service, contact Gary Harmon, your Prudential Carlsbad Realtor.

If you’ve been thinking about listing your Carlsbad home for sale but aren’t sure about what’s happening with Real Estate in your Carlsbad neighborhood, I’d be happy to send you a customized Online Seller Advantage report.

This report will let you know what’s going on in your Carlsbad neighborhood with up-to-date information that includes:

     • how many people have searched for a Carlsbad property like yours,
     • how many new  Carlsbad home listings have come on the market, and
     • how many listings in Carlsbad have changed status or price.

Prudential’s Online Seller Advantage is unique in our marketplace and keeps you up to speed on San Diego North County market activity.  You will have the option to receive daily or weekly insight on Carlsbad homes listed for sale in your area; whether it sold, has a change in price or updates on new competitive Carlsbad home listings. 

To see an example of an Online Seller Advantage – click here.

If you’d like to see a custom report prepared specifically for your Carlsbad home and your Carlsbad neighborhood, I’d be happy to set it up for you.  Contact Gary Harmon, Hadley Home Team.