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If you are considering buying a San Diego North County home in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista, or Escondido, you should be looking at open houses each weekend.   Below is posted current open house links to San Diego real estate open houses, Orange County open houses and real estate open houses in Santa Barbara, Murrieta, Temecula, and Los Angeles.    Open houses are what you should be doing in the very preliminary stage of buying your San Diego North County home.  When you are getting serious about your home purchase, you need to be working with a real estate expert like Gary Harmon of Prudential California Realty.  Contact Gary Harmon, and put his  20 years of experience to work for you.  See this weekends Prudential California Realty open house listings below.  (No longer available)

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  • Santa Barbara Real Estate
  • Los Angeles Real Estate
  • Orange County Real Estate
  • Murrieta and Temecula Valley

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Current Mortgage Rates May Go Up – HomeServices Lending

Mortgage Bankers Association Releases Statement

When buying San Diego North County homes, expect fixed mortgage rates to go up over the next few years.  So, now is the time to buy that Carlsbad home for sale, Oceanside home, Vista CA home, San Marcos CA home, Escondido real estate, or Encinitas home.  I work with HomeServices Lending and would be glad to put you intouch with a great mortgage broker.  Find out what size of San Diego North County home you can afford now. 

Dont’t Miss the Boat

Now is the time to get into action, don’t miss the boat.  Now is the time to get off the fence and to buy that San Diego North County home.   According to the Mortgage Bankers Association statement released on October 26, 2010, fixed mortgage rates are expected to average about 4.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, increase to 5.1 percent by the end of 2011, and head towards 5.7 percent in 2012. A 1% increase in mortgage rates will make a significant change in the average monthly San Diego house payment.

Rate Increases and Monthy Mortgage Payments

We will look at the effects of a rate increase on your month payment assuming you purchased a $500,000 home, put down 20%, and took out a home mortgage of $400,000.

  1. Using the 4.4% rate for a $400,000 mortgage your North County home mortgage payment would be $2003.04.  These examples just include principal and interest, they do not include taxes and insurance.
  2. At 5.1% for the same $400,000 mortgage, your payment for principal and interest would be $2170.80 for your 30 year loan.
  3. At 5.7 for the same mortgage amount of $400,000, your payment will be $2321.60.

Many San Diego North County buyers that can qualify for a loan at 4.4% can no longer afford the same North County house at a mortgage of 5.7%.   They would have to buy something much cheaper.   Get actual numbers on what you can afford.  Contact Gary Harmon and let him introduce you to a great mortgage broker at Home Services Lending.  Start looking for your San Diego North County dream home today.

Other Key Points

• Real GDP growth will be 2.2 percent in 2010, although most of that was seen in the first quarter and growth is estimated to have slowed to around 1.5 percent in the third quarter and 1.9 percent in the fourth quarter. Growth is expected to be about 2.1 percent in 2011 and 3.0 percent in 2012.
• The unemployment rate will increase from the current level of 9.6 percent to 9.9 percent by the first quarter of 2011, end 2011 at 9.5 percent, then fall to 8.7 percent by the end of 2012. Mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates should track this downward trend in the unemployment rate.
• Fixed mortgage rates are expected to average about 4.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, increase to 5.1 percent by the end of 2011, and head towards 5.7 percent in 2012.
• Total existing home sales for 2010 will be around 8 percent lower than in 2009, despite a boost to sales in the first half from the homebuyer tax credit program. Existing home sales are projected to increase modestly in 2011, increasing by a little less than 2 percent, before increasing by about 16 percent in 2012.
• New home sales for 2010 will be down by about 13 percent relative to 2009. We estimate that new home sales bottomed in the third quarter of 2010 and will begin a slow recovery in 2011, increasing around 20 percent from a low base, and then increasing 40 percent in 2012 as markets recover.

10 Tips to Aging Successfully in Ocean Hills Country Club

The Amazing Power of Attitude

There was a recent project on aging at UCSD, which studied 2000 seniors right here in San Diego County.  It concluded that optimism, and the positive effects it has on brain health, is much more important to aging successfully than even physical infirmities.  Positive attitude gives 55+ seniors the resilience to stay engaged in a meaningful way and promote senior brain health.  Healthy brain development takes effort.  San Diego North County residents over 55 must find ways to stimulate their brains.  Here are some healthy ways to stimulate your brain.

10. Learn new things such as computers, games, dancing, sports, etc.  Ocean Hills Country Club, with its computer club, dance club and many diverse sports is perfectly suited to help.

  1. Give to others, that is, contribute to the neighborhood and society.  There are many opportunities to serve righ hear in Ocean Hills.
  2. Stay lively and engaged in the positive.  Ocean Hills Country Club has an 18 hole golf course and many tennis and pickle ball courts. 
  3. Live in the present, seize the moment.
  4. Accept and adapt to change.  Just moving to a over 55 retirement community such as Ocean Hills Country Club is a good start.
  5. Travel.  There are many different ways to travel, so get involved.
  6. Have a paying job if possible.  Nothing is more full filling than still earning some money
  7. Be comfortable with yourself and have a sense of purpose.
  8. Spend time with friends and organized social activities.  No where has more social activities for over 55 seniors than Ocean Hills Country Club.
  9. Exercise at any level you can.  A fit body helps you have a fit mind.  Always be safe.  Start small and gradually increase you exercise level.  Ocean Hills is a great place to walk and meet the neighbors.

Just as your physical body needs exercise, so does your brain.  Stay optimistic, stay involved, and increase your senior brain health.

If you need real estate information about Ocean Hills Country Club homes, contact Gary Harmon, your Ocean Hills Realtor.

Tips on Voting in this 2010 Election – California and Federal

Get Out and Vote

I will not attempt to tell you how to vote in this general election, but would like to encourage everyone in San Diego North County to mail in your ballot or go to your polling place and vote for the canditate of your choice.  Vote in the State, County, and local races.

The first and perhaps the most important election it the race for Governor of California.  The leading canditates are Jerry Brown, democrat and Meg Whitman, the republican candidate.  Who can create new jobs, hold down taxes, and offer hope for a California that is in trouble?  Who is more of the same?

The second (maybe first) most important election is the race for California Senator.  You can vote for the democrat, Barbara Boxer, a long time incumbent, or for Carly Fiorina.  Again, who will lower taxes and change what is going on in Washington.  The following video is offered for entertainment purposes, but also to make you ask, “Who will raise taxes?”  “Who can fix Californai?”  Please get out and vote.

The Tax Man

When you need to buy Carlsbad homes, Oceanside homes, Encinitas homes, or San Marcos homes, contact Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor.  Gary also specializes in North County homes for over 55 and San Diego ocean view homes.

Win Some – Loose Some, Buying Carlsbad Homes

Tips for Buying Carlsbad Homes

Ten, twenty, 30,40, fifty or more….No, this in not the chorus of “The ‘Bloody’ Red Barron.”  Well, yes it is, but on this website it refers to the # of offers being made when good listings of Carlsbad homes hit the market.   With many offers, it is clear that competition among North County buyers is hot in this Carlsbad real estate market.  Why, because San Diego inventory of available Carlsbad homes for sale is down from what was available this same time last year.  

 See video,  “How to be successful when buying Carlsbad Homes.”

Carlsbad Home Buyers – Be Informed and Be Ready

By constantly being informed, you can avoid being surprised.  Be persistant and don’t give up and leave the market.  You will get that Carlsbad property if you stay focused.  Also, you must be prepared.  Buyers that are not working with a Realtor, will not be ready when that perfect Carlsbad home hits the San Diego mls.  You need to have a Realtor, like Gary Harmon, looking full time for you and you also need to be looking for yourself.  Get a free Listingbook account!  SEARCH LIKE AN AGENT! 
When you find the Carlsbad home listing you like you must make an offer right then, not tomorrow.  The old saying “tomorrow may be to late” is very appropriate in this San Diego market. If you want to be successful, put the following thought out of your head, “I want to offer a little less and get a good deal.”  In this market where the prices of Carlsbad homes have been falling for the last few years, almost every deal is a good deal. 

Make Your Highest and Best Offer First 

You must be willing to write your offer at the higest price you would comfortably be able to pay if you plan to have any success in this market.  That price is usually at full listing price, but in most cases, actually above full price.  

With the intense competition, “putting your best foot forward, so to speak, will be the only way to secure that Carlsbad home.  If you do your best and  don’t get that North County home, at least you can feel good that you gave it your best try. 

Have all your finances in order 

If you plan to buy a Carlsbad home for sale listing you must also have all your finances in order.  Before you get in the car with any Realtor, you need to have talked to your lender and have a prequalification letter.  Gary will have to submit that prequal letter with your purchase offer.  Bankd owned homes, REO’s, and short sale seller always require a prequal or preapproval letter. If you need help finding a lender see HomeServices Lending one of Gary Harmon’s winning team.  Even if you have a prequal letter from your lender of choice, you may be required to be prequalified with the sellers lender of choice before you can submit an offer.  Remember, you can always use your own lender to actually get your loan. 
One last thing, to improve your chances of buying that Carlsbad home in this market,  is to make offers on several different Carlsbad homes.

Summary – How to be Successful Buying Carlsbad Homes 

Pick your Prudential California Carlsbad Realtor – Gary Harmon, be qualified by a lender like HomeServices Lending, search for homes diligently, and be  prepared to  immediately write a very strong offer.  Make offers on several Carlsbad homes, and most importantly, don’t give up.  Buying a Carlsbad property in this difficult market is  a “process” more than it is an “event.”  You will Win Some – Loose Some, but in the long run, only the one you win counts.  For more information on how you can purchase your Carlsbad dream home in this market, contact Gary Harmon.  Gary also specializes in Carlsbad Ocean View Homes.





Powerful Tools to Sell Your Oceanside Home

Yahoo Online Seller Advantage

Prudential California Realty’s Online Seller Advantage is an exclusive tool for Prudential California Realty agents like  Gary Harmon.  This tool  can distinguish your Oceanside property from competing Oceanside homes for sale and maximize exposure to qualified San Diego North County buyers.

With Yahoo Online Seller Advantage, you have the benefits of daily emails about Web activity on your Oceanside property and those in your neighborhood, including:

  • The number of North County Real Estate Web viewers
  • The number of buyers who searched for Oceanside homes for sale
  • Home tour requests
  • Price changes on properties in the Oceanside real estate area
  • New competing Oceanside homes for sale listings
  • Featured Property status on Yahoo! Real Estate and
  • Instant alerts to registered buyers who have targeted Oceanside homes like yours

To get more Oceanside home info and to find out how to maximize the sale of your home, contact Gary Harmon for a presonal presentation of Yahoo Online Seller Advantage.

If your are an Oceanside buyer, Gary can show you great Oceanside homes for sale including Ocean Hills Country Club homes and Oceanside ocean view homes.

Sample Marketing Piece for Online Seller Advantage Customers

Senior Discount on San Diego or Oceanside Homes

Save Money on San Diego and Oceanside homes with Gary’s  senior discount.

San Diego North County homes that qualify for my senior discount are Ocean Hills Country Club homes, Oceana  homes, Emerald Lake Village,  Oaks North homes and Seven Oaks homes.

How much is your senior discount?

The senior discount is $1,000 on all final sales prices over $300,000.  There is a reduced discount on San Diego and Oceanside homes homes sold for less than $300,000.  Your senior discount would be paid to you through escrow at the close.  One thousand reasons to make Gary Harmon your Realtor.

What age qualifies for your senior discount on San Diego or Oceanside homes?

One of the buyers has to be 55 by close of escrow of your San Diego or Oceanside home.

How long will this senior discount be available?

This senior discount currently is available for homes that are purchased through Gary Harmon before 12/31/2010.  Over $7,000 in senior discounts have been paid out this quarter.  Isn’t it time to get yours.  Contact Gary Harmon, your senior real estate agent, today.

Prudential California Realty Commercial Division

Prudential California Realty Commercial Division

In addition to having a great residential real estate divisions, one of the top five in the nation, Prudential California Realty also has one of the top commercial divisions in the country.  Should you require San Diego North County real estate expertise, other than seasoned residential experience, Gary would be happy to put you in contact with the right commercial expert.

Your Prudential California Realty Commercial Division expert will be able to help you with buying, selling or leasing commercial properties.  Should you require expertise in representing San Diego North County commercial tenants and landlords, or buying or selling your own business, your Prudential California Realty Commercial Division agent can help.

1031 Exchange

Allow the Prudential California Realty Commercial Division to oversee your 1031 Exchange transaction for you, from the sale of your current San Diego North County property to the successful close of escrow on your new purchase, and all within the required timeframe.

Commercial Leasing

Prudential California Realty Commercial Division brings many years of commercial leasing experience to acting as your liaison to your North County landlords and tenants.

Business Acquisition and Divestiture

Prudential California Realty Commercial Division specialists will leverage their skills and extensive experience to facilitate the successful business acquisition or divestiture of your San Diego North County business.

In summary, if you need a seasoned, expert in San Diego North County real estate (residential), contact Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor, to guide you through the process.  I f you need any type of commercial help, Gary will be happy to refer you to an expert in our Prudential California Realty Commercial Division.

Building Real Estate Wealth with Carlsbad Investment Properties

Build Carlsbad Real Estate Wealth – Follow these steps.

San Diego North County real estate investing has probably made more millionaires in San Diego than any other thing.  One of the most popular areas is Carlsbad homes.  The current Carlsbad homes market is in turmoil to be sure.  However, this just may be the right time  to start building real estate investment wealth by investing in Carlsbad homes for sale.  Prices of Carlsbad investment properties are low and interest rates are also favorable.  If you want to start building your North County real estate investment portfolio, you may be at the right place at the right time, especially if you plan to invest in Carlsbad real estate.  Carlsbad investment properties have most always been a good investment, but when you buy them for depressed prices your chances for gain are great.

  • Save, save, save your money.  You need a downpayment for most Carlsbad property investments.
  • Clean up your credit scores.  This helps you get better interest rates for Carlsbad real estate.
  • Buy San Diego North County investment homes.  Choose Carlsbad homes.  Location, location, location.
  • Shop around to get the right Carlsbad real estate at a good price. Gary Harmon, your Carlsbad Realtor can help.
  • Don’t try to save too much money by doing everything yourself.
  • Know the current rates for Carlsbad property investment homes.
  • Refinance everytime it makes sense. See Home Services Lending.
  • Upgrade tenants for your Carlsbad home with better tenants when possible
  • Consolidate or upgrade to larger investment properties when possible.

Find Carlsbad Investment Properties

For more information and to get great personal service, contact Gary Harmon, your top Carlsbad Realtor.  Gary also specializes in Carlsbad Ocean View homes and Carlsbad Ocean Front Homes.

Identity Theft in San Diego – Avoid It – Report It

What are the steps to take to avoid identity theft.

In previous blogs, we have discussed how to take measures to prevent idenitity theft.  If you missed them please read them now.  The articles on this blog to help you avoid identity theft are as follows:

What are the steps you  should take if you are a victim of identity theft?

1. Place a fraud alert on your credit reports, and review your credit reports.

Fraud alerts can help prevent an identity thief from opening any more accounts in your name.

Contact the toll-free fraud number of any of the three consumer reporting companies below to place a fraud alert on your credit report. You only need to contact one of the three companies to place an alert. The company you call is required to contact the other two, which will placean alert on their versions of your report, too. If you do not receive a confirmation from a company, you should contact that company directly to place a fraud alert.

TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289;; Fraud Victim Assistance Division, P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92834-6790

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285;; P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742);; P.O. Box 9532, Allen, TX 75013

Continue to check your credit reports periodically, especially for the first year after you discover the identity theft, to make sure no new fraudulent activity has occurred.

2. Close the accounts that you know, or believe, have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.

Call and speak with someone in the security or fraud department of each company. Follow up in writing, and include copies (NOT originals) of supporting documents. It’s important to notify credit card companies and banks in writing. Send your letters by certified mail, return receipt requested, so you can document what the company received and when. Keep a file of your correspondence and enclosures.

3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

You can file a complaint with the FTC using the online complaint form; or call the FTC’s Identity Theft Hotline, toll-free: 1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338); TTY: 1-866-653-4261; or write Identity Theft Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20580.  Be sure to call the Hotline to update your complaint if you have any additional information or problems.

4. File a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place.

When you select Gary Harmon for your North County real estate transcation, be assured that I will do everything possible to protect your identity and important documents during our transaction.  Prudential California Realty has a company that picks up sensitive trash at each of our offices and disposes of it. If you need North County real estate information on Oceanside homes, Encinitas homes, or Carlsbad homes, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County real estate agent.