San Diego Fireworks

San  Diego Fireworks

This information about San Diego Fireworks places and times is provided to you by California Title Company, one of Gary Harmon’s Winning team members.

San Diego Fireworks

If you are interested in San Diego fireworks around the San Diego Bay, read on.

San Diego Fireworks

The above list included Carlsbad fireworks, Vista fireworks, Escondido fireworks, and San Marcos fireworks.  Hope you have a great Fourth of July and enjoy the shows.  For information on San Diego North County homes, contact Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor.

San Diego North County Over 55 (55+) Homes

North County Homes for Over 55 (55+) covered on the website include Ocean Hills Country Club homes, Oceana  homes, and Emerald Lake Village (all in Oceanside).  Other homes included are Rancho Carlsbad homes(Carlsbad), Oaks North homes and Seven Oaks homes (both in Rancho Bernardo).  Other Oceanside over 55 homes not included are Pilgram Creek Estates, Pacifica, Villa Trieste, Costa Serena, Peacock Hills, and Rancho Hermosa.  Another Carlsbad 55+ homes community is Camino Hills.  Encinitas has High Country Villas, and San Marcos has Las Brisas.  Also, in San Marcos, but not designated as over 55, is Lake San Marcos which offers mostly single level homes and tends to be a favorite with the senior crowd.

For more information on San Diego North County Over 55 (55+) homes, contact Gary Harmon, your Senior North County Realtor.

Search San Diego North County Homes

Find  San Diego North County homes with MLS Search and Free Foreclosure Search. Set up your own custom searches with ListingBook. Use the friendly searches below:

See all Prudential California Realty Carlsbad Listings below.

[iframe 737 800]This is a fabulous opportunity for San Diego North County buyers!   Lender-mediated short-sales, pre-foreclosures, and bank owned North San Diego properties are available and can be found with the search tools on this website. Don’t expect today’s prices to be around forever. The banks have finally become aggressive about pricing their North County homes for sale, and investors are grabbing them up quickly. For more information or to see San Diego North County real estate, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor.

Prudential Worldwide Connections

Power You Can Use

The Prudential name brings North County buyers to your door.  96% of all consumers worldwide recognize the Prudential name.  Our company spends over $90 million in advertising every year to keep that Prudential name top-of-mind.  As a Prudential California Realty agent, I will leverage that power, drawing on our international network and vast experience to get you the best results when selling your San Diego North County home. 

Prudentnial Real Estate Network

  • 60,000 sales professionals in over 1,700 offices
  • $110.2 billion in annual sales volume
  • 402,000 transactions sides
  • Prudential agent network generating over 100,000 referrals a year
  • Prudential Relocation contracting with over 900 major organizations
  • Primary broker and relocation department for highly successful worldwide relocation companies including Primacy, Sirva, Weichert, Altair, GMAC Relocation, Hewitt and many more

The Prudential Brand

The Prudential brand on San Diego North County homes makes an immediate impression.  Prudential connections help us find you buyers anywhere.  To get started today using the power of Prudential California Realty, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor.

Carlsbad Homes for Sale – Art of Pricing

The majority of showings on Carlsbad homes for sale  happen within the first few weeks that the new listings of the Carlsbad home is placed on the market.   Carlsbad Realtors and other San Diego North County Realtors arrange for their active, qualified Carlsbad home buyers to see the home when it is  newly listed.  Once that first group of Carlsbad home buyers have seen the Carlsbad property, the showing activity of the Carlsbad homes for sale decreases to only those buyers new to the Carlsbad home market.

For more information on how to price Carlsbad homes so they will sell in the least amount of time, contact Gary Harmon, your top Carlsbad Realtor.

Energy Savings for Encinitas Homes

Do your clients know that more than 70% of the energy used in our Encinitas homes is for appliances, refrigeration, space heating, cooling, and water heating? Replacing old appliances and equipment with those that are ENERGY STAR labeled can help Encinitas home owners save significantly on their utility bills. Each state has selected its own set of ENERGY STAR qualified products to rebate, based on the Department of Energy list of recommended appliances:

– Central air conditioners
– Clothes washers
– Dishwashers
– Freezers
– Furnaces
– Refrigerators
– Water heaters

To encourage San Diego North County customers to buy energy efficient products, ENERGY STAR partners occasionally sponsor special offers, such as sales tax exemptions or credits, or rebates on qualified products.  Here is a list of different products you might consider swapping out for ENERGY STAR products in order to earn a rebate in your specific region (Check with SDG&E to see what qualifies for  Encinitas homes.):

Another option for Encinitas Homes is to install your own Solar Panels.  For more information on how to save money when buying Encinitas homes, contact Gary Harmon, your top Encinitas Realtor.

The Time to Buy Escondido Real Estate is NOW

Many think the time to buy is now

Prudential California Realty took a real estate outlook survey in 2010 and found most Southern California and San Diego North County buyers think now is the time to buy.

Time to buy Escondido Real Estate

There are only 10 of homebuyers that did not think this is the  time to buy.  If you have been on the fence, get in the game and find your Escondido home now.  Contact Gary Harmon, one of the top Escondido Realtors, for more information.

San Diego North County buyers see the market moving towards stability

The number of Southern California consumers who believe the Escondido real estate market and other San Diego North County real estate markets are stable outnumber the percent who believe the market is unstable.

Escondido real estate market stability

There are only 29% of Souther California buyers that think the real estate market is unstable.  That leaves 71% implying that “the time to buy Escondido real estate  is NOW.”

Most Escondido real estate buyers believe the real estate market is on an upward trajectory

Over 26 % of homebuyers think the Escondido real estate market is stronger than it was a year ago.  And, one year from now, 51% expedct to see the San Diego North county real estate market even stronger.  The survey only saw 7% who thought it would be weaker.  With market and prices going up, now is the time to contact Gary Harmon, your top North County realtor.

North County buyers see potential for appreciation in both short and long term

North County homes appreciation

North County buyers see appreciation coming.  Over 46% of Souther California buyers expect real estate prices to apreciate in the next year.  Current data for San Diego North County shows that is actually happening.  In the next 5 years, 79% expect prices to increase.  Don’t let this good market pass you by, contact Gary Harmon today.

Current interest rates help make the time to buy NOW

HomeServices Lending is one of Gary Harmon’s Winning Team members.  Contact them for current rates and to get prequalified today.

Escondido real estate and HomeServices Lending

For an experience Escondido real estate agent, contact Gary Harmon, your top Escondido Realtor.

San Diego County Homes Foreclosure Comparison 2009 vs 2010

San Diego County Homes Notice of Defaults

The following table shows how many notices of default were sent out in San Diego County by month, 2009 vs 2010.  A notice of default is the official notice the lender gives the San Diego home owner letting them know they may be taking the home back.  After the notice of default, it is 120 days until the bank can officially foreclose.  Looking at the table below you can see that the number of notices of default are down considerably in 2010. 

San Diego County Homes Foreclosures 

San Diego County home foreclosures are the actual number of homes the bank took back through the foreclosure process.  These numbers have increased considerably since 2009.  This basically indicates that the banks have been slow to approve the short sales and have just chosen to take more and more homes back through the foreclosure process.  

 To find San Diego North County foreclosures see Gary’s Free Foreclosure Search.  This also shows homes that have notices of default filed.  Information is provided by Foreclosure Radar.   For more information about San Diego North County real estate or to buy or sell a San Diego North County home, contact Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor.

Did You Miss the Bottom?

Prudential California Realty - Gary Harmon

San Diego North County real estate market heats up.

San Diego is one of the five California real estate markets that turned positive in April or May.    San Diego home prices appreciated as much as 3.1% to 3.9%  since hitting lows in the previous year according to Zillow.  But missing the bottom doesn’t mean the opportunity is gone for North County buyers.  San Diego North County homes values are still down 30%  to 36%.   They still make a good investment for North County property buyers.

North County Realtor

The San Diego North County real estate market is considered being balanced when there are six months of inventory on hand.  Market conditions are favorable to both North County buyers and North County sellers.  A buyer’s market is characterized by conditions such as falling prices, high inventories, concession by sellers, and incentives among other things.  A North County seller’s market has low inventories of North County homes for sale, increasing prices, and real competition between buyers, including multiple offers on many properties.Escondido Real Estate

For more information about North County homes for sale including Carlsbad homes, Oceanside homes, Vista  homes, San Marcos homes, Escondido homes, and Encinitas homes, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor.

San Diego North County Homes

Identity Theft – San Diego North County

We live in a great community. Yet, we still read aboout it. It’s on the radio, in the local papers, and in the nightly news. People everywhere, even here in San Diego North County, are victims of identity theft. It’ll never happen to you, right?

Think again. Identify fraud occurs at all levels of society and everywhere, yes even in Carlsbad and Encinitas. Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing types of white collar crimes in America with over 900,000 victims each year. Experts say the cost nationally could exceed $100 billion annually.

Protect yourself from identity theft! Review the tips below to help stop the wrongful use of you personal identification.

North County Identity Theft

There is also identity theft when it comes to buying North County real estate. Protect yourself with title insurance from California Title Company, one of my winning team members. California title insurance can protect you against hidden risk that may not be discovered even with the most meticulous examination of public records, such as imperesonation of those purporting to be owners of the North County property prior to the issuance of you California Title insurance policy.

For more information about title insurance or North County homes, contact Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor.